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Your Path to International Healthcare

Welcome to Crystal M, your premier partner in facilitating a seamless and stress-free medical travel experience for individuals seeking treatment abroad. With our unwavering expertise and personalised services, embark on a confident journey to world-class healthcare and innovative treatments in Türkiye and Switzerland.


Embarking on a medical treatment journey abroad is a significant decision, and we are committed to making it an exceptionally smooth one. By selecting Crystal M, you unlock a host of benefits:

  • Access to Renowned Medical Facilities

    Gain entry to globally acclaimed medical institutions and esteemed specialists renowned for their expertise.


  • Dedicated Travel Coordination

    Our dedicated team assists you with every aspect of your travel, from flights and accommodations to transportation logistics.


  • Effortless Appointment Scheduling

    Seamlessly arrange medical appointments and consultations, eliminating the stress of coordination.


  • Comprehensive Local Support

    Enjoy local guidance and assistance throughout your medical journey, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Patient support and guidance


  1. Initial Consultation

    Reach out to us for an initial consultation or a reliable second independent opinion. Our seasoned team engages in detailed discussions about your medical requirements, preferences, and specific needs.


  2. Tailored Treatment Plan

    Collaborate closely with our network of medical experts to design a personalised recommendation, encompassing further examinations and a treatment plan tailored to your unique condition.


  3. Transparent Cost Breakdown

    Receive a comprehensive breakdown of costs covering medical procedures, hospital stays, travel expenses, accommodations, and service fees (when applicable), highlighting our commitment to transparency.


  4. Efficient Travel Arrangements

    Feel free to ask for our help with logistics: flights, airport transfers, and comfortable accommodations near your chosen medical facility.


  5. Seamless Medical Appointments

    Rely on our team to meticulously schedule all your medical appointments, ensuring a smooth flow of consultations, tests, and procedures in alignment with your treatment plan.


  6. Expert Medical Care

    Approach your medical procedures with confidence, under the care of leading specialists in state-of-the-art facilities.


  7. Recovery and Exploration

    Embrace the opportunity to explore the landscapes of Türkiye or Switzerland during your recovery period, guided by local insights.


  8. Continued Support

    Our commitment doesn't end with treatment. We remain at your disposal for post-treatment guidance, follow-up appointments, or any additional assistance you may require.

Healthcare journey connection


At Crystal M, we recognize the paramount importance of your well-being. Our mission is to furnish you with a comprehensive and empathetic medical travel experience that places your health and comfort at the forefront of every endeavour. Reach out to us today to embark on your path toward enhanced health through our exceptional medical travel services, seamlessly connecting you to premier healthcare destinations in Türkiye and Switzerland.

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