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About Us

Integrated health journey


Our story began 27 years ago, sparked by a deeply personal experience that resonates even more powerfully today. A member of our small team faced a cancer diagnosis during a time when such news often meant an uncertain fate. Back in 1996, the lack of internet accessibility, language barriers, and limited information exchange compounded the challenges. Medical experts struggled with a lack of resources for information sharing and standardised protocols. The quest for specialised care, hospitals, and treatments felt nearly insurmountable. The absence of insurance coverage and private funding further hampered those in desperate need of critical medical attention. In this environment, making an informed healthcare choice was a daunting task.

Through unwavering determination and resilience, we navigated these obstacles, securing proper care for our family member, ultimately leading to a triumphant recovery. This victorious battle against cancer became a beacon of hope for others facing similar trials. The courage and inner strength drawn from our experience inspired others to seek our guidance. Thus, our journey of service began, connecting individuals with highly skilled specialists capable of providing comprehensive diagnoses and personalised treatments. Our mission is to transform adversity into purpose.

Even in the digital age, finding the right medical specialist remains a time-consuming and burdensome process, often accompanied by high costs. This challenge is particularly pronounced in a country like Switzerland, where acceptance for treatment is never guaranteed. Over the years, we have assisted countless individuals, but the process often stretched weeks, an extended timeline far from ideal, especially for critical oncology cases. Recognising the need for a streamlined approach, we embarked on a mission to expedite and enhance the healthcare journey.

Today, we stand with pride, having cultivated strong collaborations with some of the finest hospitals and medical professionals in the industry. Our goal is simple yet profound: to offer expedited pathways for individuals seeking urgently needed oncology expertise in both Türkiye and Switzerland. This comprehensive support covers diagnosis, treatment, and all logistical considerations. Our patients benefit from the expertise of highly skilled specialists who harness cutting-edge medical technology and state-of-the-art equipment within accredited and trustworthy medical institutions.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond oncology. Our partner hospitals encompass a diverse spectrum of medical domains, including cardiovascular care, transplantation, traumatology, and more. Additionally, we facilitate swift access to premier dental services, as well as the latest advancements in aesthetics, plastic, and reconstructive surgeries. Procedures such as rhinoplasty, hair implants, and weight loss treatments are among the array of options available.

At Crystal M, we envision a healthcare journey unburdened by complexities, where individuals can readily access world-class medical expertise and treatments with ease and confidence. Join us on this transformative path to superior healthcare.

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